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Hello! My name is


Mastiff cross Weimaraner







I can live with







MY story

Lenny has been with us nearly 6 years now waiting on a chance to find someone who is experienced enough to give him a safe life. Lenny lost his leg when he was kicked down the stairs and beaten by his owner at just a year old, he was then given away to a lady who had bipolar who struggled and was very volatile. Lenny had a really tough start in life. Lenny gets on with everyone after a few meets, he really like women and there's no issues there but he is wary of men and if pushed to interact too early will nip.

Lenny has been homed a few times since being with us but each time been put in a difficult situation which resulted in a nip. He has never bitten badly but he has warned. Lenny struggles to trust quickly which is a result of his past and likely his breed which we think is a mastiff cross weimaraner. Once he knows you he is the softest sweetest boy.
Lenny needs to be the only pet in the home. He would be just fine tearing about in the garden and doesn't need very long walks. It will take some time to get used to a home- he may have some accidents indoors, however when he has gone to homes in the past he has never done this and never chewed anything.


We feel he is looking for a needle in a hay stack sadly as dogs like him rarely find their people 😞 we cannot lose faith though that there is someone out there who has the knowledge, patience and skills to provide him a special home. I (yasmine) have never once had an issue with him and he kisses my face and meets friends who come with me without issue. He has only ever been a gentle sweet boy with me. But we are aware in a home people don't follow the guidance and take things slowly often- it's super important his forever person is willing to do this, work with us and to understand he may never be a dog who can be around strangers. Ideally his owner would be female but we would consider a knowledgeable male who is happy to spend alot of time building up a bond as he does interact with men in the kennels who work there and he is absolutely fine with them and just as soppy.

He is now aged about 6 years old. Which for a tripod is really mid aged at best , we know he won't have forever and a life in kennels is really such a shame for this boy. We would be happy to cover any leg related bills or future arthritis costs through our vets for him so it is not an expense to a home. We would also welcome a long term Foster for him if finances were an issue but you were suitable to care for him and had the experience and knowledge.

No children, adult only home , no cats.



Fill in application form

Please fill in the form as honestly as possible. Our team will read the application and make sure it is the right match for the dog being applied for. 


We will arrange a home check

If you and the dogs seem a good fit we will call you to discuss further, arrange to meet the dog and arrange a physical home check at your home.  


Matched with your dog 

Once we have agreed together that this is the right dog for you we will arrange for your dog to come to you. Depending whether this is via kennels or foster homes it may vary.    


Ongoing Support

We love to keep in touch with everyone and hope you will reach out if you have any concerns or questions. We work with a number of local trainers and behaviourists too who can provide support.

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