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Children 10 plus years old

MY story

Maggie is the sweetest little lady! We met her in the summer when we visited our rescuer friend in Romania. She was in the big noisey kennel area in a little kennel with her friend (Dulsie who has also come to us) all she wanted was to cuddle up, despite never having met us, she just wanted love and buried her head in us. We knew there would be a special someone who would just adore her and give her a wonderful life away from kennels.


Her foster has said:
Maggie is settling in very well. She’s no longer uses her crate- deciding she’d rather be on either the sofa or a dog bed. She’s been out for a walk with the other dogs in her foster home and loved it all, very confident in herself. She has met other dogs out and about with no issues. She has also met men women and children and likes everyone she’s met. She is very loving and receptive to training; and food motivated but not possessive of her food. She’s been clean in the house from the start. Few niggles first couple of days with snoopy (my other dog) but they are now all playing nicely together and when I come down in the morning or get back from work she’s excited and quite chatty and confident enough to greet me even with the boys bouncing around. She an all round lovely lady who will make someone so very happy!

We will consider children 8 plus but she does like a quiet life so happily would consider a calm home with another dog ideally for company where she can get all the love she so desperately searched for in Romania.



Fill in application form

Please fill in the form as honestly as possible. Our team will read the application and make sure it is the right match for the dog being applied for. 


We will arrange a home check

If you and the dogs seem a good fit we will call you to discuss further, arrange to meet the dog and arrange a physical home check at your home.  


Matched with your dog 

Once we have agreed together that this is the right dog for you we will arrange for your dog to come to you. Depending whether this is via kennels or foster homes it may vary.    


Ongoing Support

We love to keep in touch with everyone and hope you will reach out if you have any concerns or questions. We work with a number of local trainers and behaviourists too who can provide support.

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