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Could you be my perfect match?

Hello! My name is


Large Mixed Breed


7 years





I can live with







Needs to be the only pet

MY story

Poor Bertie was found in a field in Margate but nobody claimed him so we suspected he was abandoned as nobody came forward for him and he was in a poor way. When he was found he was grumbling at people and very scared. We were concerned about his fate after his 7 days were up at the Council pound and so we offered him a place with us so we could try and give him a chance of life and not be put to sleep. His age is hard to guess but we think around 6/7 now. And his breed we really arent sure but some sort of guardian mixed breed would make sense but he is a real Heinz really.

In a short space of time we started seeing a different and happier Bertie who really loves his person once he gets to know them.


Bertie is wary of new people and will initially not come near you but you only have to see him interact with the kennel staff to see how friendly and affectionate he is once he gets to know you and trusts you. He is a silly goofball with those he loves.

He just needs the right home environment where he will be given the time he needs to bond with you, it just isn’t instant with him as he takes time to trust. He has been with us almost 4 years now which is so sad and he has had no interest. We know he needs a very specific home and an owner who is experienced and that person has to be out there for him. Bertie needs a home with no other pets, and adults only.



Fill in application form

Please fill in the form as honestly as possible. Our team will read the application and make sure it is the right match for the dog being applied for. 


We will arrange a home check

If you and the dogs seem a good fit we will call you to discuss further, arrange to meet the dog and arrange a physical home check at your home.  


Matched with your dog 

Once we have agreed together that this is the right dog for you we will arrange for your dog to come to you. Depending whether this is via kennels or foster homes it may vary.    


Ongoing Support

We love to keep in touch with everyone and hope you will reach out if you have any concerns or questions. We work with a number of local trainers and behaviourists too who can provide support.

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