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Could you be my perfect match?

Hello! My name is


Mastiff cross Cane Corso


2 years





I can live with







MY story

This giant sweet heart just wants to find his person. At first he is a typical of his breed of weary of strangers but with lots of treats he turns into the giant baby that he is ❤️ He will need someone to meet him quite a few times and to spend decent amounts of time with him, once he knows you he is just so lovely. He bonds well to a handler and is easily trainable and keen to learn.

Java has clearly been hit about alot as he is very hand shy and shys away if you try to pat his head. Despite this once you spend time with him he becomes a big baby and will start to play and interact with toys more. He was found as a stray and whoever had him before has clearly beaten him into submission, yet still he's just a sweet boy in a worried little mind that needs his person to come find him and give him some good routine.

He has recently learnt sit and paw. He likes to show off his sit by nudging his head up your bum then sitting down waiting for his treat...hes very much mastered it! He also enjoys doing zoomies...he has little spacial awareness and will knock you over if you're in the way but he means no malice (hence no young children). Inside is a little puppy who never got to be that before he found his way to us and slowly he's starting to release that.


It's such a shame no-one has asked for him, with someone who understands mastiff breeds he will just be a wonderful boy, his shyness will melt away once he finds his forever person and understands in time that he will never be hurt again ❤️

He is good with other dogs even if they're having a pop at him he just stands there calmly. We have had him almost a year now and no enquiries which is a real shame, so ideally he will be the only dog in the home to start with so he can have full attention and can start to learn a good routine with an owner he can trust. You will need a secure garden with 6ft fencing.



Fill in application form

Please fill in the form as honestly as possible. Our team will read the application and make sure it is the right match for the dog being applied for. 


We will arrange a home check

If you and the dogs seem a good fit we will call you to discuss further, arrange to meet the dog and arrange a physical home check at your home.  


Matched with your dog 

Once we have agreed together that this is the right dog for you we will arrange for your dog to come to you. Depending whether this is via kennels or foster homes it may vary.    


Ongoing Support

We love to keep in touch with everyone and hope you will reach out if you have any concerns or questions. We work with a number of local trainers and behaviourists too who can provide support.

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